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Future at RRAJ

"Plastics are not inherently bad. It's what we do, or don't do, with them that counts - Sylvia Earle

The RRAJ Vision Board

It is important to understand that our vision isn’t just limited to creating a waste-free eco-system across waste created through our sister company, and beyond, and to convert that into products that we can take to the world and build a true alternative to the un-sustainable industrial practices we have drowned ourselves in.

We do not want to just be a product company, we want to be a conversation starter and narrative builder to define how sustainability can be spoken of in a meaningful way. Our modus operandi is to transform waste into usable end products that not only become a substitutable ingredient of a raw material that currently is difficult for the environment but convert it into a long term solution for the system.

The future of products we intend to create in the RRAJ ecosystem are ones created from waste, and to slowly move industrial dumping of waste, to circularity that allows for a wholesome system that benefits industries creating the waste, and the ones designing product based solutions.

When we begin to extend this conversation we begin to see an opportunity that far exceeds the waste we work with within our universe. From coffee waste that could be acquired across cafes with the remains post roasting of the coffee, to develop end consumer products and build an alternate economy for responsible consumerism. Imagine a world where every product in the home is the result of industrial waste of one kind or another.

The future at RRAJ coincides with a global conscience, local expertise and significant opportunity to alter the way we look at monetising our waste, and creating a responsible and conscious economy. Join us in the journey!

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