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From Waste to Wealth: How Alternative Plastic Manufacturers are Redefining Sustainability

Alternative Plastic Manufacturers

The Earth has been struggling with a lot of environmental problems. One of the most alarming one is the issue of increasing plastic waste. There is an urgent need for innovative solutions. But with in-depth research and using cutting-edge technology alternative plastic manufacturers like RRAJ Bioplast are visualizing a future with lesser plastic usage.

We have introduced products like wood plastic composite (WPC), bamboo plastic composite (BPC), starch plastic composite (SPC) and husk plastic composite (HPC) with the idea in mind to help consumer product manufacturers to reduce their plastic usage. This not only redefines sustainability but makes the most of the waste by products generated by the handicraft industry.

Alternative Plastic Manufacturers with Sustainability Factor

To cut down the impact of waste disposal upon environment, the need for good waste management practices is huge. The waste generated by various industries specially should be managed sustainably. Most of the by-products of industrial practices can be recycled and reused. It helps to make financially viable and socially beneficial decisions.

RRAJ Bioplast sources its wood and bamboo for its composites from handicraft and furniture industry. This would otherwise be used as a source of fuel that leads to increased air pollution. The rice husk used is an agricultural waste that otherwise cannot be disposed of in a sustainable manner. Hence, our sustainable biocomposites help in not only reducing dependency on fossil fuels but also reuses the waste generated by others.

As an alternative plastic manufacturer we also give product manufacturers the option to manufacture products that are biodegradable. This helps manufacturers to reduce their carbon footprint by a large margin. The market for such products specially products meant for single use is increasing by the minute.

Alternatives to Traditional Plastic

RRAJ Bioplast offers a variety of biocomposite products as an alternative to traditional plastic that suits individual customer’s needs. It helps manufacturers create sustainable plastic products that provide the same mechanical properties as conventional plastic. Not only are the biocomposites as durable as conventional plastic, the addition of natural resources like wood and bamboo adds good properties. Our biocomposites are non-toxic, free from harmful chemicals and give the aesthetic properties of the natural resources. Thus, we are exemplifying the assimilation of sustainability into plastic production.

Our range of biocomposites include:

1. Wood Plastic Composite (WPC)

Arbor, our wood plastic composite is made from polymer and wood that is sourced from handicraft and furniture industry. It gives the look and feel of wood but does not have the drawbacks of real wood. It possesses the mechanical properties and durability of plastic. Wood Plastic Composite is widely used in automotive industry, household industry and in construction industry. It is termite, borer, and fungus resistant. It can be used for outdoor products as it is UV and water resistant.

2. Bamboo Plastic Composite (BPC)

Bambou, is our biocomposite of plastic and bamboo sourced from the handicraft industry’s waste. It is a lightweight yet durable material that can be used for a variety of products. The fibers of bamboo have high density and are non-abrasive by nature. When these characteristics are mixed with plastic’s mechanical properties, it enhances the material. Products made using BPC can withstand harsh weather conditions. They are slip resistant, scratch resistant and sustainable.

3. Starch Plastic Composite (SPC)

Our starch plastic composite, Stärke is a blend of plastic polymer and starch. These granules give the manufacturers the freedom to make products with white and vibrant colours, that may not be possible with other natural biocomposites. It is a versatile product which allows it to be produced in complex shapes using existing technologies while at the same time helping you reduce your carbon footprint. It can be used widely in the household industry to make products such as cutlery, toothbrushes, hangers, etc.

4. Husk Plastic Composite (HPC)

Reis, our husk plastic composite is a biocomposite of rice husk and polymer. The rice husk is sourced from nearby agricultural practices where it is a crop residue. This would otherwise be burned as fuel. It has excellent mechanical properties and is a versatile raw material for various industries.

5. Polyester Plastic Composite (PPC)

Our polyester plastic composite is named Réforme. This innovative material is derived from the waste which is left in the process of manufacturing buttons. This composite material is quite inexpensive having exceptional potency, and rigidity.

End to End Support

Plastics have turned out to be crucial in these modern times because they are commercially accessible everywhere. The widespread use and production of plastics has resulted in a lot of negative impacts. To lessen the negative environmental impact that plastics create, alternative plastic manufacturers like RRAJ Bioplast have come up with sustainable plastic granules.

We provide support with material selection & new material development. Our biocomposites are injection moulding friendly and can be run using existing machinery and in fact help in reducing electricity consumption. We take pride in supporting product manufacturers to make their products sustainable and more environment friendly. We can customise colour, fiber choice (bamboo, wood, starch, husk), fiber visibility (high, medium, low), MFI & mechanical properties as per your products needs. We can also manufacture biodegradable biocomposites on demand of the manufacturers.

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