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Extended Knowledge About WPC in Industry

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Wood Plastic Composite are composite materials, made of thermoplastics and waste by-products of the wood industry. The material formed is environment friendly and sustainable. WPC granule manufacturers such as us at RRAJ Bioplast supply these granules to other industries to be used as raw material for production of end user consumer products.

Features of WPC

Since WPC is a composition of two kinds of materials, its composite has the features of wood and plastic combined.

  1. WPC being a bio composite of wood and plastic, combines the mechanical properties of both wood and plastic.

  2. It has high dimensional stability.

  3. WPC is highly moisture and water resistant with the plastic wood combination.

  4. It is termite, borer and fungal resistant with the added properties of plastic.

  5. It is thermoforming friendly and can be molded into different states for the use.

We at RRAJ Bioplast as WPC Granule Supplier provide a variety of WPC granules tailored to the need of the industry.

Advantages of WPC

To understand why WPC is a good option for manufacturing industries using injection moulding, we need to look at the advantages of WPC.

1. We at RRAJ Bioplast, as WPC Granule Manufacturer can provide a product that has the look and feel of wood but at the same time the mechanical properties of plastic.

2. The WPC granules give the finish and feel of the wood but with the added benefit of being water resistant.

3. With its high mechanical properties and good dimensional stability, WPC can be utilized and produced in complex forms.

4. It can be extruded, or injection molded for industry specific use.

5. All industries that have traditionally been using wood can substitute with WPC granules.

6. WPC is a sustainable product and a great substitute for conventional wood and plastic.

7. WPC can be manufactured in any color according to the client’s specifications.

8. WPC is termite, fungus, borer, and insect resistant.

9. It can be processed using traditional tools and does not require a new setup.

Industries using WPC Granules

WPC granules can be used as a raw material by a wide variety of industries that produce end products through extrusion and injection molding. Some industries that utilize WPC granules are:

1. Automobile industry for interior.

2. Industries that manufacture cladding, decking, flooring, and paneling.

3. Household items like storage containers, organizers, toothbrushes, glasses, etc can be made sustainable using WPC.

4. Kids toys using WPC granules are an excellent alternative to conventional plastic toys.

RRAJ Bioplast as a Leading WPC Granules Manufacturer

RRAJ Bioplast is a conscious material science company that aims to help industries, using conventional wood and plastic, achieve environmentally sustainable goals. We are steadily working to build an ecosystem with zero waste products produced out of the smarter use of ecological resources.

RRAJ Bioplast stands as a shining example of excellence in the world of biodegradable granules, such as WPC granules or Wood Plastic Composite Granules. Most notably for its remarkable quality as an WPC Granule manufacturer. With a constant dedication to sustainability and the latest technology, RRAJ Bioplast has emerged as a major player in the market. Granules from RRAJ Bioplast are not just environmentally friendly, but they are also extremely durable. The products manufactured using our granules are also of top quality.

RRAJ Bioplast is the WPC Granules Supplier that has taken a step into a better tomorrow with the production of composite materials to be utilized by companies that prepare end products for consumers.

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