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Understanding the Utility of BPC in the Industry

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

There are a lot of consumer products available in the market today that look like they are made of wood. But inreality, these are made of bamboo plastic composite. Bamboo Plastic Composite or BPC has the best of both worlds, the aesthetic and sustainable value of bamboo with the durability and smooth finish of plastic. It can be used to injection mould or extrude all kinds of consumer products. We at RRAJ Bioplast, manufacturers of BPC Granules present to you some extended knowledge about BPC Granules.

Advantages of BPC Granules

The substitution of conventional plastic, wood or bamboo with BPC granules in the production of consumer products has many benefits. Here we look at some of the benefits:

1. It is environment friendly as it is sustainable and biodegradable.

2. The addition of plastic in the composite makes it water and moisture resistant.

3. BPC granules are lightweight and exceptionally durable.

4. Products made from BPC are highly slip-resistant with a firm holding surface.

5. BPC granules are scratch resistant.

6. Products made from BPC granules are termite, borer, and fungus resistant.

7. It is UV resistant and capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions.

8. BPC granules can be manufactured in any color according to client’s specifications by RRAJ Bioplast.

9. They can be used to manufacture products that are injection moulded or extruded.

10. BPC granules provide the same aesthetic as conventional bamboo and plastic products.

RRAJ Bioplast are a BPC Granule Manufacturer, who provide customized solutions for consumer end product manufacturers.

Industries Utilizing BPC Granules

Any product that is manufactured using bamboo can be substituted to be manufactured with BPC granules. Some of the industries that can utilize BPC granules are:

1. Construction material such as outdoor decking, cladding, paneling and flooring made using BPC granules has many benefits.

2. Automotive interiors can be manufactured using BPC granules.

3. Household products such as storage containers, organizers, toothbrushes, glasses, etc can be made using BPC granules.

4. Toys for infants and kids as an alternative to conventional plastic toys.

BPC Granules Supplier: RRAJ Bioplast

RRAJ Bioplast is a conscious material science company that aims to help industries, using conventional bamboo and plastic, achieve environmentally sustainable goals. We are steadily working to build an ecosystem with zero waste products produced out of the smarter use of ecological resources.

RRAJ Bioplast is the BPC Granules Supplier that has taken a step towards a better tomorrow with the production of composite materials to be utilized by companies that make end products for consumers.

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