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Bamboo Plastic Composite (BPC) Revolution: Eco-Friendly Alternatives for Daily Use

Bamboo Plastic Composite

Environmental health is one of the foremost concerns in the world we live in today and there is a great sense of urgency towards combating environmental degradation and encouraging conservational practices. The search for innovative solutions for sustainable alternatives is never-ending. We at RRAJ Bioplast recognize this and have come up with an innovative product that replaces conventional plastic.

Bamboo Plastic Composite (BPC) is a biocomposite that is made of bamboo and polymer. The use of BPC promises a greener and a more sustainable future. This sustainable alternative has outstanding properties for widespread applications. Bambou, our bamboo plastic composite has the prospective to make a key impact on the environment as well as global economy.

Bamboo Plastic Composite to Replace Traditional Plastics

India as a country has an abundance of natural resources of bamboo. We source our bamboo from the handicraft industry where it is a waste by-product. This helps in preventing it being used as a source of fuel.

Bamboo by nature has high density and is highly non-abrasive. When combined with plastic it possesses strong mechanical potency. It not only gives good mechanical characteristics to the end product but is also aesthetically pleasing. Hence, it can be counted as an eco-friendly alternative to conventional plastic.

Bamboo Plastic Composite (BPC) is an innovative type of composite. It helps to combat the problem of increasing use of plastic in various industries. This innovative material is gradually being used to manufacture different products that we use in our every day lives. Another advantage of our BPC granules, Bambou is that it can be made biodegradable on request.

The Advantages of BPC

Products made from Bambou, RRAJ Bioplast’s bamboo plastic composite have a variety of advantages.


BPC helps to reduce manufacturer’s dependency on natural resources. It leads to reduction in dependency on non-renewable resources, low emissions, and enhanced energy recovery.

High Performance

Bamboo Plastic Composite is highly durable, non-toxic. It is moisture resistant and also performs well under extreme weather conditions. This makes it suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

Aesthetic Value

One of the greatest benefits of BPC is that it is aesthetically pleasing. The products made can easily be colour customized to suit individual needs apart from natural earth tones.

High Strength

BPC has remarkable mechanical properties like good nail, screw holding. It is having high slip resistance. It is also scratch resistant.

Principle of 3R’s

The products made from Bamboo Plastic Composite can be easily recycled. The products can also be repurposed with ease at the end of the product’s life cycle. This makes it an ideal option for manufacturing single use plastic products.

Thus, BPC shows promise to be an aesthetic, lightweight and durable solution to the problem of ever increasing plastic consumption. It is a sustainable alternative.

Bamboo Plastic Composite Granules Product

Below are some of the products that can be manufactured from BPC (bamboo plastic composite) granules

Choosing the Eco-Friendly Alternative for Manufacturing

Plastic product manufacturers are increasingly looking for ways to switch to sustainable alternatives to lessen their carbon footprint. If as a plastic product manufacturer, you want play your part towards creating a healthier sustainable future, it’s time you should shun traditional plastics. Alternative plastic granule manufacturers like RRAJ Bioplast now offer many types of sustainable plastic granules to suit a variety of needs.

Industries such as construction can easily use Bamboo Plastic Composite granules to manufacture both indoor and outdoor flooring, cladding, decking, and paneling. The household industry can shift to BPC to manufacture various items like toothbrush, hangers, buckets, mugs, kitchenware items, etc. This is possible as BPC is non-toxic and free from melamine.

Plant pots and pet bowls made from BPC are also highly successful as they can withstand extreme weather conditions and are moisture proof. Bamboo plastic composite granules are not detrimental to our health. Material and storage industries can use Bamboo Plastic Composite to manufacture industrial crates and various containers as an alternative to conventional plastic. Since, BPC is injection moulding friendly and does not require any kind of further equipment investment from the manufacturer, it is an optimum choice for toy manufacturers as well.

We do not want to be just a product company, we want to be a narrative builder to define how sustainability can be spoken of in a meaningful way. Our vision is to transform waste into usable end-products that converts it into a long-term solution for the system.

We provide support with material selection & new material development. Our biocomposites are injection moulding friendly and can be run using existing machinery and in fact help in reducing electricity consumption. We take pride in supporting product manufacturers to make their products sustainable and more environment friendly. We can customise colour, fiber choice (bamboo, wood, starch, husk), fiber visibility (high, medium, low), MFI & mechanical properties as per your product’s needs. We can also manufacture biodegradable biocomposites on demand of the manufacturers.

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