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Sustainable Sourcing: Choosing the Right Manufacturer of Sustainable Plastic Granules

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Understanding Sustainable Sourcing

Sustainable sourcing signifies the fact that industries can ensure that their supply chains have a positive environmental impact. Plastic industry is generally viewed as a leading polluting industry. However, RRAJ Bioplast has come up with innovative raw materials that are sustainable yet durable at the same time. This helps the plastic industry reduce its negative environmental impact.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Manufacturer of Sustainable Plastic Granules

Any industry in today’s time that uses plastic granules as it its raw material is looking for sustainable alternatives to decrease their carbon footprint. Hence, sustainable plastic alternatives are the need of the hour. We at RRAJ Bioplast recognize this and have come up with top-of-the-line sustainable plastic alternatives. Our Wood Plastic Composite, Bamboo Plastic Composite and Starch Plastic Composite are customizable to the industry’s need.

As a sustainable plastic granule manufacturer RRAJ Bioplast ensures:

  1. Our wood and bamboo are sourced from the waste of handicraft industry.

  2. We offer product plastic manufacturers the flexibility to customize the granules as per their needs.

  3. Our product line can also be made biodegradable on request to further reduce environmental impact.

  4. Our sustainable plastic granules can be recycled as well as reused.

  5. Our biocomposites have the best qualities of both the natural material and plastic as they are highly durable.

The Future of Sustainable Sourcing: Trends and Innovations in the Plastics Industry

Plastic industry is one of the largest manufacturing industries in the world today. The production of plastics has steeply increased in the last 3 decades; ~36% of which is single-use, and almost all of it is made from virgin plastic. As per reports, the market size, measured by revenue, of the plastic and resin manufacturing industry was $129.4bn in 2022. But less than 3% of all waste plastic worldwide gets recycled, compared with recycling rates of 30% for paper, and 35% for metals, and 18% for glass. ~10% of plastic waste is household. Plastics take 100’s to 1000’s years to degrade while they are in landfills or oceans. Hence, the stigma is attached to the industry as one of the most polluting.

Thus, there has been a demand for innovation to reduce the environmental impact. Taking this into consideration, RRAJ Bioplast has come up with innovative sustainable products to combat the problem. Evolving trends and innovation in the plastics industries in combination with plastic granules production can pave the way for a healthy future.

Plastics Manufacturing units and industries are all steadily moving towards sustainability and evolution with trends and innovations that are rapidly being infused. RRAJ Bioplast has been working towards the common goal of positive environmental impact for a long time now.

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