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Why Sustainable Plastics?

A little less virgin plastic, a lot more sustainable plastic.

At RRAJ Bioplast, we believe that sustainable plastic alternatives have to maintain and even build upon the performance characteristics of the original in order for people to make smarter material design decisions. Alternative plastic manufacturers have to ensure that sustainable plastic has unique, genuine advantages that support making a material switch.

Luckily, RRAJ Bioplast provides many products to achieve sustainability in plastic. As alternative plastic manufacturer, we believe that reducing the proportion of virgin plastic by even small margins can go a long way toward making plastics more sustainable. It helps in not only drastically reduces harmful emissions but at the same time slows the input into methane-belching landfills, leaving more greenhouse gas emitting petroleum in the ground.

If as a plastic goods manufacturer what you make means everything to you, you can tell your customers the story of a product that is part of an environmental solution, not a continuation of the environmental problem. Finding the right sustainable plastic granule manufacturer for your product ensures your company is playing a part in reducing the release of greenhouse gases and easing reliance on non-renewable resources. There are two ways to go about it.

Beginning of life

Whenever we choose to manufacture products, we also make choices about the materials we include in the design. Design is one important phase where we can be smarter about the raw materials we choose to enlist. Biodegradable materials, waste and by products of other industries otherwise headed for the garbage bin are all capable of contributing to a more sustainable plastic.

End of life

When our goods have reached the end of their useful lives, we’re faced with a dilemma: send it to the landfill or recycle. Recycling, upcycling and reusing are increasingly relevant strategies for reducing waste in landfills and reducing the need for virgin materials.

Biocomposites: The Future

Plastic products are often portrayed as a culprit of environmental degradation. But it does not have to be that way. During design, it’s worthwhile to consider how your products will be taken care of after reaching end of use. Organic materials like wood, bamboo, and starch act as substitutes for virgin plastic and reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions associated with plastic waste. These organic products are sourced from handicrafts industry where it is a by product.

Biocomposite plastic granules can be made to behave similarly to traditional plastics in the manufacturing phase, to preserve much of the look and feel of virgin plastic. The quality and performance of the materials cannot be sacrificed for it to be effective. That’s where RRAJ Bioplast comes in. We’re committed not just to a better alternative plastic, but also to a smarter approach to sustainable plastic granule sourcing as a manufacturer.

RRAJ Bioplast has adopted a science-based approach. Our research and development is committed to formulating sustainable materials complete with the characteristics that are important to our customers. We use state-of-the-art technologies for customer-driven product development and testing. Our sustainable plastic granules ensure that style matters. While our sustainable plastic granules are gentler on the environment, the original design element is not compromised. At RRAJ Bioplast we believe that sustainability is about more than the environment. It is about being considerate of future generations and protecting our way of life. You can be a part of this journey to make the world a better place through smarter material decisions. Because plastic products that consider humanity as a whole leave the best legacies.

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