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Sustainable Solutions: How Plastic Granules Manufacturers are Making a Difference

Sustainable Solutions: How Plastic Granules Manufacturers are Making a Difference

Plastic products are widely used all over the world. However, now there is increased awareness among people about the harmful effects of using single use plastic products. They are not only toxic but also non-biodegradable. This leads to pollution due to the increased garbage accumulation. Garbage disposal specially of plastic products is a major problem that is faced by people all over the world.

With this realization, RRAJ Bioplast, a Sustainable Plastic Granules Manufacturer has developed a sustainable alternative to virgin plastic.

Sustainable Plastic Granules

Our sustainable plastic granules are bio composites of plastic with wood or bamboo. These two types of granules are popularly termed as Wood Plastic Composites (WPC) and Bamboo Plastic Composites (BPC).

In both cases, the wood and bamboo are sourced from the handicraft industry. It is the by-product or waste product from the handicraft industries that would have otherwise not been utilised. The combination of plastic with wood or bamboo brings out the best qualities of both. It has the durability of plastic and the wood and bamboo make it sustainable. The wood and bamboo also increase the aesthetic value of the end product.

How and Where Plastic Granules are Making a Difference?

There are Plastic Granules Manufacturers like RRAJ Bioplast who are enabling manufacturing industries to make the shift to environment friendly plastic granules as their raw materials. Our sustainable plastic granules can be easily injection moulded to make various items. The major advantage of RRAJ Bioplast’s sustainable plastic granules is that no additional machinery or technology is needed for plastic product manufacturers to process our granules. Some industries that can benefit from our sustainable plastic granules include:

  1. Household and kitchenware items such as storage containers, bottles, utensils, and cutlery.

  2. Internal components of electrical appliances

  3. Furniture such as chairs and tables for indoor and outdoor

  4. Decking, cladding, fencing used in construction

  5. Automotive interiors

Advantages of Sustainable Plastic Granules

RRAJ Bioplast has enabled the above-mentioned industries to move towards environment friendly and sustainable raw materials. Ultimately, the benefit of shifting towards sustainable plastic granules goes to the end users in many ways such as:

  1. The daily-use products in the kitchen and for household use are food safe.

  2. Toys made from WPC and BPC are non-toxic.

  3. The addition of wood and bamboo, make the product durable for extended use.

  4. Products manufactured from sustainable plastic granules can be recycled.

  5. Another good thing is that the products made from RRAJ Bioplast’s sustainable plastic granules can be reused thus reducing the amount of waste generated.

RRAJ Bioplast: Sustainable Plastic Granules Manufacturer

RRAJ Bioplast is the leading manufacturer of sustainable plastic granules such as Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) and Bamboo Plastic Composite (BPC). We enable manufacturers to make the shift comfortably to sustainable plastic alternatives to meet their environment sustainable goals.

We at RRAJ Bioplast, provide high quality granules that ensures that manufacturers can provide the best quality sustainable plastic products to their end customers. We follow strict quality standards and safety measures providing the best quality plastic granules to our customers. Our raw materials go through rigorous checks and we use only the best available raw materials in the market.

RRAJ Bioplast as a Plastic Granules Manufacturer is working towards presenting sustainable solutions to both manufacturers and end-product consumers. This ensures a healthier tomorrow for the environment in its entirety.

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