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Recyclable Plastic Granules: WPC & BPC

Updated: May 24

Recycled Plastic Granules, WPC and BPC

The demand for plastic is ever increasing in today’s time. Every day, the use and consumption rate of plastic products is going up. With every use, there is plastic waste left behind that is non-biodegradable and toxic for the environment. Only a small percentage of this plastic waste is recycled as it is a difficult process requiring economic costs and is also time consuming.

Therefore, the need of the hour is to use sustainable plastic composites such as Wood Plastic Composites (WPC) and Bamboo Plastic Composites (BPC).

Utilization of Recyclable Plastic Granules

With recyclable plastic granules such as WPC and BPC, this dream does not seem far-fetched anymore. The granules can be utilized by many industries. They are easier and faster to recycle than traditional plastic. This reduces waste generated in total, while ensuring no harmful residue is left in the environment.

Application of Recyclable Plastic Granules

These are the industries where recycled plastic granules are utilized for manufacturing end use consumer products:

  1. Automobile interiors such as dashboards and other surfaces

  2. Household and kitchenware products

  3. Toys for safe and non-toxic playtime

  4. All kinds of Furniture

  5. Outdoor and indoor cladding, paneling, decking, and flooring.

All industries that injection mould or extrude their products during manufacturing can replace conventional plastic with RRAJ Bioplast’s recyclable plastic granules.

Recyclable & Reusable Plastic Granules

The biggest advantage and USP of RRAJ Bioplast’s WPC and BPC granules is that not only are they recyclable but also reusable. Let us understand the life cycle of the products made from these sustainable plastic granules.

Recycling Process

The first step in the right direction towards this is replacing your conventional plastic products with products made from sustainable plastic such as RRAJ Bioplast’s WPC and BPC. This automatically reduces the amount of waste generated and the amount of waste going towards landfills. The next step is to ensure the segregation of recyclable waste at the time of garbage disposal.

The collected recyclable plastic products are then treated at the recycling plants to get them ready for new shape modeling. Lastly, the waste is sorted through to granulate it into desired shape and form. By using products made from RRAJ Bioplast’s WPC and BPC granules, a significantly lower percentage of plastic needs to be recycled as these are bio composites with a lesser percentage of plastic in them.


WPC and BPC granules manufactured by RRAJ Bioplast offer a double edge over conventional plastic. Products made from RRAJ Bioplast’s sustainable plastic granules are not only easy to recycle but also reusable. The products made from our WPC and BPC can simply be granulated and then processed into desired shape and size and then injection moulded or extruded by industries into desired products. This simplifies the process of reusing the waste generated specially in the case of single use products.

RRAJ Bioplast: Leading Manufacturer of Recyclable Plastic Granules

RRAJ Bioplast is a conscious material science company working for the sustainability of the environment by manufacturing recyclable plastic granule, WPC and BPC. These granules are manufactured keeping in mind the goal towards zero wastage. These composite granules in turn ensure this.

RRAJ Bioplast provides customized solutions for industry specific use. You can get in touch with our team if you want to make the shift from conventional plastic to recyclable plastic. We ensure timely delivery, quality results, and customer satisfaction on our end.

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