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Eco-friendly Solutions: Biodegradable Plastic Manufacturer

Updated: Jan 15

Biodegradable Plastic Manufacturer

Biodegradable plastics are materials capable of natural degradation and with non-toxic residues. In the current environmental situation, where we see plastic waste accumulating in garbage dumps, these materials provide a sustainable alternative to conventional plastic. With green materials in demand, RRAJ Bioplast, as a biodegradable plastic manufacturer offers various biodegradable plastic options that are not only good for the environment but also aesthetically pleasing. The addition of bamboo makes our product an innovative product in the biodegradable plastic market.

Innovative Biodegradable Plastic

Biodegradable plastic manufacturer like RRAJ Bioplast is looking to promote biodegradable plastic. Through extensive research and development, using advanced machinery, we have come up with innovative biodegradable plastic granules.  Our biodegradable plastic granules can be used to manufacture any kind of plastic product replacing conventional plastic that does not decompose. The range of application of biodegradable plastic granules is varies. It ranges from:

1. Biodegradable Packaging

Plastics have been used to manufacture various kinds of packaging. Biodegradable plastic companies have resolved this problem. The packaging still has the properties of durability like conventional plastic but at the same time do not add to the existing environmental woes.

2. Construction Material

Reduced carbon footprint is the key takeaway, when it comes to construction materials made from biodegradable granules. These are sustainable solutions to traditional plastic materials. These are energy-efficient and provide adequate insulation properties for better safety results.

3. Household Industry

Planters, single use disposable crockery and cutlery, drinkware and various other products can easily be manufactured using biodegradable plastic granules made by biodegradable plastic manufacturers like us. The consumer product manufacturers do not require any additional machinery or technology to be manufacture these products.

Custom Biodegradable Production

RRAJ Bioplast provides custom biodegradable plastic granules to suit individual manufacturer’s needs. It is possible to build sustainable solutions that are tailored for specific use.

We provide support with material selection and new material development. Our biocomposites are injection moulding friendly and can be run using existing machinery and in fact help in reducing electricity consumption. At RRAJ Bioplast we take pride in supporting product manufacturers to make their products not only sustainable but also biodegradable and more environment friendly. We can customize colour, fibre choice (bamboo, wood, starch, and rice husk), fibre visibility (high, medium, low), MFI and properties as per your product requirement.

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