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Wood Plastic Composite: Uses and Benefits

Updated: Feb 1

Wood Plastic Composite

What is Wood Plastic Composite?

Wood Plastic Composite also known in short as WPC is a composite material of wood fibers and plastic. This unique combination of materials leads to a solution that is versatile, highly durable, and environment-friendly. It is a great alternate to conventional plastic. The resultant material has application in a range of areas both outdoor and indoor such as flooring and decking, fencing, furniture, household items. Any product that is manufactured using traditional plastic can be manufactured using WPC. What you may visualize is a wooden finish product that is aesthetically appealing. The end product made is enhanced with a higher resistance nature to moisture, termites, and extreme weather conditions. The result is a product that has the durability of plastic, aesthetic value of wood and at the end is also sustainable for the environment.

Key Components of WPC

The key components of wood plastic composite granules are wood fibers and plastic. The wood fibers are upcycled. They are sourced from the local handicraft industry where they are a waste by product and would otherwise have been used for fuel purposes, increasing pollution. Plastic that goes into WPC can be also be recycled or biodegradable in nature as per customer’s needs. The result of the combination of these key components leads to strong granules that have high versatility, durability, and self-protectability and are environment friendly.

Wood Plastic Composite Materials

There are numerous applications of Wood Plastic Composite granules in numerous domains.

1.    In construction, WPC is used for manufacturing materials for decking, flooring, cladding, and paneling. This is due to mainly its aesthetic value but also for its durability and flexibility.

2.    Furniture industry both indoor and outdoor incorporating weather-resistance properties and aesthetics.

3.    In the automotive sector, numerous interior components such as door panels, trims, and dashboard setups may be utilized for their lightweight, aesthetics, and durability properties.

4.   For consumer goods, these materials are best utilized in the manufacture of toys and household and kitchenware items due to their ecofriendly nature and versatility.

Common advantages of Wood Plastic Composite (WPC)

1.    Resultant products are a perfectly synchronized composition of wood look and feel with plastic mechanics. The combined benefits of the two surpass the advantages of the two individually.

2.    You can experience the wood finish and benefits with an extra edge of plastic.

3.    The combination is more flexible and may be injection molded using existing machinery and in fact reduces electricity usage.

4.    Any product being manufactured from wood or plastic may be easily replaced with WPC granules. The utilization remains the same but the benefits outweigh the original components.

5.    The customization possibilities are endless from looks, shape, orientation, molding, and color.

6.   This combination results in highly versatile products that are environment friendly, sustainable, recyclable, and do not add to existing environmental woes.

Why choose RRAJ Bioplast?

RRAJ Bioplast is dedicated to shifting the world of manufacturing towards a new path of sustainable development. The company is steadfast in its process which leads to replacing non-sustainable and non-biodegradable components with sustainable, recyclable, and biodegradable components in all industries that utilize traditional plastic as raw material. The smarter use of ecological resources is the ultimate goal at RRAJ Bioplast.

Wood Plastic Composite has been a new trend that replaces the products manufactured from wood or plastic alone. The products made from conventional wood and plastic were harming the environment due to their non-biodegradable nature. Hence, the substitution of composite ensures that consumers can still enjoy the products without causing any harm to the environment. This is just one part of the effort towards making the world sustainable.


What is wpc material

WPC is Wood Plastic Composite, meaning it is created by the mixture of wood fibers and thermoplastics designed to improve durability and flexibility.

What is wood plastic composite?

Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) is a composite material made of wood fibers and thermoplastics, combining the best qualities of both components.

Which is better PVC or WPC?

The choice between PVC and WPC depends on specific needs; PVC is more rigid, while WPC offers a blend of wood and plastic properties.

Which is better WPC or plywood?

Due to the moisture resistance and non-infestation properties of WPC elements, they are ranked better than plywood since such wood can be used in a wide range of applications.

Is wood plastic composite strong?

Yes, wood plastic composite is known for its strength and durability, making it a popular material for various outdoor and indoor applications.

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