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Why BPC & WPC are Ideal for Crafting Eco-Friendly Garden Planters?

Eco Friendly Garden Planters
Learn Why BPC & WPC are Ideal for Crafting Eco-Friendly Garden Planters

The world today is becoming more conscious about the environment in whatever they do. That is why eco-friendly options are becoming quite essential. That is where two revolutionary materials have become quite popular. 

Yes, we are talking about BPC (Bamboo Plastic Composite) and WPC (Wood Plastic Composite). In this blog, we will understand why they can be an ideal choice for crafting eco-friendly garden planters. 

BPC and WPC in a Nutshell

BPC(Bamboo Plastic Composite) is a biocomposite of bamboo and polymer. When used for the garden planters, it can also give an aesthetically pleasing look, thanks to its appearance similar to wood. WPC, on the other hand, is a Wood Plastic Composite. It is obtained by combining the wood fibers with polymer. This material gives a versatile, durable, and environmentally friendly look to your products. 

The two composites have a host of outstanding benefits and that is what makes them the best new-age materials for garden planters. 

Benefits of BPC and WPC for Crafting Garden Planters

There are several benefits that you stand to gain with the BPC and WPC materials. We will discuss the benefits of using sustainable granules for better understanding.

Environmental Benefits 

  • Sustainability: Both WPC and BPC can be recycled and reused. This lowers the reliance on plastic and wood repeatedly. This will help in preserving the natural resources more efficiently. 

  • Reduced carbon footprint: Manufacturing WPC and BPC involves lower levels of emission of greenhouse gases. That apart, the products manufactured using them have a longer lifespan which reduces the frequent replacements. This will further reduce the carbon footprint. 

Durability and Longevity

  • Weather, UV, pest, and rot resistance: The materials are highly resistant to moisture, termites, and extreme weather conditions. This will make them stay in good condition for several years. 

  • Long-lasting compared to traditional materials: They offer years of usage, making them an ideal investment. This is in contrast to other materials like wood which can get decayed or plastic which can get brittle over time. 

Aesthetic and Design Flexibility

  • Variety of colors: The products with WPC and BPC can be molded into multiple colors. They also help mimic the appearance of wood, thereby offering a unique appearance. 

  • Customisation: Both BPC and WPC come with many customization options in terms of mechanical properties.

Ease of Maintenance

  • Low maintenance requirements: Planters made with WPC and BPC will require a lower level of maintenance. They will need less regular cleaning. 

  • Ease of cleaning and care: You can clean the planters by simply wiping them with soap and water. Since they are resistant to water and termites, they do not need that much cleaning. 

Safety and Health Considerations

BPC and WPC are completely non-toxic and do not contain chemicals like formaldehyde or lead. This makes the planters made from them safer for plants, pets, and people. 

Why Should We Choose BPC/WPC Granules Instead of Traditional Plastic?

Choosing BPC and WPC can be a wiser decision as opposed to using the traditional plastic. This will make the materials and the products thereof more sustainable and recyclable. Apart from that, these materials tend to be better for the environment with their low carbon footprint. Also, when we use BPC/WPC, we are able to reduce the plastic usage to some extent that somehow helps our environment.

Traditional planters can take several thousand years to completely decompose. The potential to recycle makes the BPC and WPC an excellent choice if you really care for the environment. 


Using WPC and BPC can be the right step in the direction of a more sustainable and eco-friendly gardening experience. These materials offer several benefits such as environmental impact, durability, aesthetics, maintenance, and safety.

RRAJ Bioplast stands at the forefront of sustainable innovation, offering premium BPC and WPC granules for manufacturing eco-friendly garden planters. Our solutions not only minimize environmental impact but also enhance durability, aesthetics, and safety in garden planter construction. 

Contact us today for bulk orders and tailored solutions for your garden planter manufacturing requirements.

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